You have great business ideas and you are excited to put you ideas to the masses. You spend some considerable amount of time to think of the name your business or brand should be known as.  Beside that choosing a domain name is not easy partly because, the name you want may not be available or if someone is owns the name they might hold you to ransom for it.  I have know a well known domain was sold for six figure sum.  Having said that there some fantastic name you can come up with by mixing various thing.  Here are some tips hopefully you can utilise and come up with a fantastic domain name:

  1.  Get right first time! No one knows your business more than you do. When choosing the domain name for business, think of something snappy, catchy and but it must describe or closely related your business.  A single word is always good, however if it is a multi word name then you should never go beyond two words.
  2. Using abbreviations for long names can help and sometimes sounds better than the actual brand names.
  3.  Use the name and extension part to make some creative names such “”, “”, “” etc.  As you can see .it is an Italian extension and .co is a Colombian extension, however in this scenario they serve our purpose perfectly.  There are extensions like .be Belgium extension .at Austrian extension along side industry specific extensions like .hosting, .shop, .jobs, .name etc available your disposal.
  4.  Think of long term marketing goal and try to incorporate main keywords in the domain name.  For search engine listing this is a must do point.
  5.  Although global extension like .com, .net, .org are fantastic, however it will be more beneficial to have country specific domain name for purpose of SEO.  One of the Google algorithm is to boost local listing, so if your primary customers are based in specific country, it makes more sense to have local domain extension such as or .uk for United Kingdom or .us for United States.
  6.  If the domain name is not available, try the domain market or domain auction.  There plenty of nice domain names out there, however they are significantly more expensive, but it all comes down to your plan and the budget you have.  Think of this way, if your business can generate £10,000 revenue in 2-3 months time then it is absolutely perfect to spend £800 – 900 even thousand pounds for the premium domain (well at least you can afford it).
  7.  No name? Then make one using the letters and numbers.  There lots of domain made of pseudo names like,, well you get the idea.
  8.  Best of all, think of a name that sticks to people’s mind, it’s very hard find one but it is worth spending some time to come up with something similar to the likes of Google, Yahoo – meaningless, but billion $$$ brand today.  After all name is everything.

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Innovere is Google PageSpeed Optimised Web Hosting and Domain Registration company based in London. If you looking to register your business name and/or looking for servers or web hosting platform we are here to help.  Visit our website at Innovere Hosting today find out our latest domain registration pricing and web hosting packages. Currently we are offering six months free hosting for every customer.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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